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image of Stevie and Sofia cuddling

Stevie and Sofia

Hello! We’re Stevie and Sofia, and we’re the best of friends!

We live in store and absolutely love it when people come in and say hello to us. We’re here to tell you a bit about ourselves, and can’t wait for you to get to know us a little bit better.

Since we arrived at Mary Shortle we’ve been by each other’s side. Stevie likes to say that he can’t go anywhere without Sofia following him – but she knows that isn’t the case. Sofia thinks that, without her, Stevie would get himself into all sorts of mischief! If and when he can, Stevie will put a Jellycat Crispin Crab in Sofia’s crib to give her a fright! She doesn’t fall for it though, and forces him to let her choose and outfit for him as repayment.

Sofia’s favourite colour is, you guessed it – pink! Almost all of her clothes are pink, which is perfect in Mary Shortle! She loves her girly dresses, and has a keen eye for all the latest and greatest accessories. Is an outfit truly complete without a bundle of accessories?

Stevie is more of a fan of the colour blue. He loves his pajamas, and you will rarely see him out of them! Naps are very important to Stevie, almost as important as food! He loves being best friend’s with Sofia, but also loves getting to know all the other dolls in the store. Stevie is very much a chatterbox!

Mary Shortle is the best place to live. Not only is Sofia surrounded by the biggest, most perfect wardrobe – but Stevie gets to meet so many customers and their dolls! Every day there’s new people to see and meet, and new baby dolls to get chatting too!

Why don’t you come down to our store and meet Stevie and Sofia for yourself? They want to get to know you now you’ve gotten to know them.

Stevie and Sofia are available online and in-store starting from £159. 

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