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Mermaid Enchantress™ | Barbie®


Brand: Barbie
Release Date: 20/3/2019
Designer: Amy Lee
Model Muse
Included with doll: Bodysuit with mermaid tail, seashell/coral headpiece, seashell earrings, seashell top piece, coral belt
Made in: United States

You receive: 480 Dolly Points (£4.80)

Mermaid Enchantress™ | Barbie®

Barbie® Mermaid Enchantress™ doll, the second doll to debut in the Mythical Muse™ fantasy series, features a sea-inspired look with enchanted details. Fish-scale sequins in soft coral and sea-foam hues cover Barbie® doll’s mermaid tail, creating a shimmering effect from every angle. Accessories inspired by ocean treasures include a coral accented headpiece, peplum and earrings. Barbie® doll’s flowing, pearlescent hair is kissed with pastel pink and blue highlights and features a delicate braided detail. This collectable Barbie® doll is fully articulated for posability. Gold Label® collection. Subject to availability. Colours and decorations may vary.

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