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Lucky Mimi: Lilac ⋅ Lucky Doggy


Brand: Lucky Doggy (Orange Toys)
Size: 25cm
Material: Artificial fur, knitwear
Care: Handwash, 30°, do not: bleach, iron or tumble dry
Made in: Russia

You receive: 156 Dolly Points (£1.56)

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Lucky Mimi: Lilac | Lucky Doggy™

Lucky Mimi is very graceful and slender, like her girlfriend. Look at them, they seem to be created for each other. It is always more interesting and fun to do things together. Don’t you agree? If you are interested in social and cultural events, Lucky Mimi is a beautiful girlfriend for you! It will be more exciting to check out new books, to visit popular exhibitions and film premieres, and then take part in elegant conversations, where you can impress others with your original opinions! By the way, Mimi really enjoys sharing her thoughts, because while doing it – she has a spiritual and slightly mysterious expression on her face. It’s so cute! True, she doesn’t always have one, but Mimi found an excellent way out of this situation – she reads several reviews, chooses the opinion that she likes best and fits the situation, and then confidently supports it. In some cases, she can always intrigue her interlocutor with a significant silence, and then, with charming elegance, change the subject of the conversation!

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Dimensions25 cm

Orange Toys


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