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Lucky Dolly: Retro Party | Lucky Doggy™


Brand: Lucky Doggy (Orange Toys)
Size: 25cm
Material: Artificial fur, knitwear
Care: Handwash, 30°, do not: bleach, iron or tumble dry
Made in: Russia

You receive: 156 Dolly Points (£1.56)

Lucky Dolly: Retro Party | Lucky Doggy™

Lucky Dolly has a very stylish hobby. She adores various antiques, old books and stories about past centuries. She loves everything that fits the word “retro”. This indescribable atmosphere of old things gives life a certain vintage charm. She has already organized a few retro-styled costume parties with her girlfriends. All of the well-known bloggers covered these events, including Lucky Mimi herself. Dolly even went as far as buying some old fashion magazines and making herself a beautiful dress, based on a model from one of the magazines. It seems like that dress brings her a lot of happiness. She met a very handsome boy Bobby when she was wearing it. They understood that they were made for each other right from the first sight because Bobby was wearing an elegant suit made from the same fabric, but in more manly colours. The first thing Lucky Mimi heard was “Would you like to go to the theatre with me?” Isn’t that cute?

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Dimensions 25 cm


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