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Life-Size Animated T-Rex ⋅ Hansa


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Brand: Hansa
Size: 79″ (200cm) (Length)

You receive: 16000 Dolly Points (£160.00)

Life-Size Animated T-Rex | Hansa®

This is an amazing Animated T-Rex, Hansatronics provides animated movement to this wonderful soft toy, his head moves left to right or his head up and down.
This fantastic T-Rex is 200cm long, with an internal framework, made by the creators of realism – Hansa.
He is made from wonderful velvety smooth plush with hand-applied airbrushed markings and stitching details, these all help to bring definition and character.
The T-Rex is mounted on a plywood pedestal which hides the transformer.
Surface wipeable.

Suitable for collectors only, this is NOT a toy.



Dimensions200 cm



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