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Anthony | Llorens


Brand: Llorens
Body: Soft Bodied
Size: 17″ (43cm)
Made in: Spain
Comes with: Dummy, Chain, Outfit (can vary)

Anthony Play Doll Llorens Mary Shortle This item: Anthony | Llorens
Blue Basket with Stand Hamper Mary Shortle
Moses Basket and Stand - Blue
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Anthony | Llorens

Sweet Anthony Doll is just like a real baby! This quality infant doll is hand made in Spain with the utmost care and attention to detail. Therefore, we highly recommend this collection for the younger child. He has vinyl limbs, soft wool filled body and adorable fixed blue eyes as well as moulded hair thus not rooted, (if you were looking for a baby with rooted hair we do have a great collection of babies). In addition, the outfit this dolly is wearing is individually hand-crafted by the seamstress at Llorens!

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